Saturday, October 31, 2009

St. Luke's Lutheran, Lima

I was not able to get any history information on this church. If anyone has anything they can offer regarding church history, please post!

At a busy intersection in downtown Lima, stands this masterpiece:
Wonderful tower that stands at the point that was the back of the original, square-shaped church. It appears that I may have missed the cornerstone, in the wall at the bottom of the tower.
The sanctuary extension was built on in ... ... just seamlessly ... and the parish house went up in ...
Upon entering the sanctuary (the doors are at the sides, where the original doors were), this is the delightful sight you're greeted by ...The view from in front of the altar looking back ...Beautiful stained glass in every one of those clerestory windows. Assuming they were made to match the older windows at the time the addition was put on. The addition gave the church a cruciform shape.Beautiful ...
High groin-vaulted ceiling provides a lovely framework for the two large windows at either end of the transepts.
Look at those pipes!
The large window at the back, circa 1958, serves as a tribute to the life and ministry of St. Luke.This Resurrection window over the altar is stunning -- not merely the figure of Christ, but the colors and tracery!
The right-transept window backs up to the parish house, so the lighting behind it is ceiling lighting -- but hey, they could have ripped it out and put in a hallway or something!
St. Peter ...
... and St. Paul.
The left-transept window is strikingly visible from the street.Moses ...
... and Aaron, someone rarely seen in window architecture.
Raised cut glass at the center of his robe ...Closeups of the magnificent tracery and cut-glass ornamentation.I've never seen anything quite like this window over the center of the crossing ...

Hoping for more information about this marvelous church!

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