Thursday, July 16, 2009

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Botkins

I wish I knew more about this church but unfortunately like so many small churches it does not have a web page. I found this wonderful church while passing the time waiting on my granddaughters next swim event. The church has seen a few major renovations judging from the pictures I found hanging on the wall compared to way the building now looks. I am afraid all I can share are the pictures I took.

Here's a picture that I found hanging that shows the church before the above renovation.

Occasionally I get a chance to be creative. I got a couple of artistic shots while touring the church.

And now to take a peak inside.

I think this is the original entrance housed in the new addition. I found this Communion grouping just outside the doors.

I found this just above one of the doors going into another part of the building. For me its the little things like this that give the church it's character.

The sanctuary was very rustic and simple.

That's one little cozy choir area.

Here is a close up of the alter and the stain glass window above it.

Speaking of stained glass windows the church had a few.

This one of Jesus in the Garden was the main window at the back of the church.

I'll end with my favorite picture from the shoot.


  1. I've never seen a window like that in a chancel! That's really unusual. I really like that Good Shepherd window! That addition makes the front of the church look wierd - but I imagine it also makes it easier for people to get in from the parking lot in bad weather. Is there an elevator, or a stairway chair lift?

  2. There is an elevator in the front addition.

  3. I cannot thank you enough for this website! I grew up in this church. The front entrance featured a tons of steps; the basement entry featured a ton of steps up a narrow staircase. The remodel occured after I departed to attend Capital U and then worked overseas. I assume the new entry allows better access for seniors, etc.

    Thank you for this wonderful site!

  4. I grew up in this church and it really is this beautiful. I have other pictures that is even earlier and there was not a choir area.

  5. Karen, thank you for your comments! If you have any way of scanning those pictures, I'd love to see them.