Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Children Love the Lamb of God

Worn Stained Glass Window of the Lamb of GodSt. Jacobs Lutheran Church in Anna Ohio is a lovely church and has a wonderful collection of stained glass windows. The collection is one of the most diverse and numerous collections that I have found. This simple window with the Lamb of God has the best story however.

This window was located in the lady’s restroom, back in the day when the lady’s-room came with a bassinet instead of a changing table. The room also served as a refuge for those mothers who’s little one became fussy. If you look you can see where the children over the years have worn down the stain as they found comfort in petting the Lamb.

Look for more post featuring the windows and the rest of the church in upcoming post.


  1. Russ, thank you! I'm eagerly waiting to see more of this church, after seeing what you posted on your blog!

  2. I think I may stop by on my lunch and do a reshoot. I wasn't happy with some of my shots of the larger windows. Thats why I hadn't posted them yet. There are a few Lutheran churches in my area that I will visit and post here as well as what I may find in my travels.

  3. Your contributions are SO welcome!