Friday, June 12, 2009

From Lake Erie's Yesterdays: Grace Lutheran, Castalia;c=ley;q1=Lutheran;back=back1244779953;size=20;start=1;type=boolean;view=thumbnail
Across the top of this row of old postcards, are four photos identified simply as "German Lutheran Church" (imagine that!). This is Grace Lutheran in Castalia, in its early days. The congregation is still active. Their website: And while that photo in the upper-right hand corner is small, I swear that's still the same building that's been expanded in the front and had an addition built on in the back and even a little steeple popped onto the tower ... is anyone familiar with this church?

Thanks to Kevin Hammer for the contribution!


  1. I just love the nostalgia of the black & whites with the parishners and their horse and buggies.

    I didn't realize that you post pictures from other folks. Next Lutheran Church I come upon I'll be sure to take a few pics and send them your way.

  2. Please do! I'll be in touch with you more about it.